Biraghi S.p.A. Quality Department

Biraghi S.p.A. is a licensee of the Bureau Veritas Certification (the independent certification body of the international Bureau Veritas), which certifies the quality of Biraghi products in accordance with the voluntary standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. The scope of this certification is inherent in: “Development, production, seasoning, portioning, grating and packaging of cheese. Development, production and packaging of butter and products derived from milk and whey”. In addition the company has also been granted, by the same international certification body, the IFS certification, which is the “International Food Standard” (Higher Level), and the BRC standard (Grade A), with respect to: “Production and packaging of butter, ricotta and mascarpone cheese from raw milk. Packaging of Gorgonzola D.O.P. and Gorgonzola D.O.P. and Mascarpone”.


In order to meet requirements of daily monitoring raw materials, in particular the milk intended for cheese-making, Biraghi S.p.A. utilizes fully equipped internal analytical structure. The testing laboratory of Biraghi S.p.A., called LabAnalysis SCQ in its current operating structure, was established in 1997 and meticulously checks all the production processes of the Company.


In what concerning the Research & Development department, the LabAnalysis SCQ devotes a good part of its time to the research of products or potentially innovative technology, both independently -in collaboration with other Companies- and through partnerships with major Research Institutes and Universities. The Quality Office consists of two people. In essence the LabAnalysis and the Quality Office make up the Biraghi Quality Department and are directly responsible to a unique Quality Management.